Views from the Bridge

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Colin, Socrates, Terri

But… I want to go that way!!! No!!!

Now Socrates, we’re taking 520. We have to, otherwise –

NO!!! We must take the other bridge! I don’t want to die in our plummet to the water by trying to drive on a nonexistent bridge!

Wow, you are such a stupid GPS. I mean, g’d! The freaking bridge exists! And it takes anywhere from ten minutes to thirty minutes less. Why don’t you just believe us, it is real. You won’t die!

But… but… I like the other bridge. It’s more stable.

Shoosh your face, Socrates. This bridge is better.

It’s a toll bridge!

And that matters?

Well… well of course! How could it not matter?

‘Cause our family /pays/ for the toll.

Take the exit right.

No. We’re taking the 520 bridge.

No. Take the exit right.






No. Wait, darn it!.

Now shoosh your face, Socrates, we’re taking the 520 bridge. We have to, otherwise this blog wouldn’t exist.

And so it goes, our daily adventure with Socrates, the GPS. Convincing him that the 520 bridge is not under construction any longer and that if we cross the bridge, it will be okay.

The weather is still sunny, and we are, perhaps, a little silly.