Views from the Bridge


I’m Terri and I’m the 40-something mom of Colin. I am gender non-conforming–sapiosexual. I work with youth affected by incarceration and I am also a Spiritual Companion (Director).

Colin…introduce yourself!

Welp. Here I am, in the flesh. Or more accurately, in the font as it ‘t’wer. My name is Colin d. (if you couldn’t figure that out from my mother two sentences previous), I’m seventeen, attending beauty school, and basically all types of queer. I want to go into acting in my future. And I write novels.

We drive together often from our home to school in Seattle. We drive across the 520 bridge. And our conversations bridge culture, age, and gender. The drive gives us a lot of time to chat. The wheels of the car turning seems to get our brains and mouths going also! Since Colin declared his TG-ness last year, it has been a year of discovery and conversations. Each day new things come up, it seems.

TG-ness? Really? TG-ness? I mean, I’m not offended at all, just AMUSED. I have honestly never hear anybody refer to it as that. But okay, if somebody doesn’t get it, I’m transgender, and identify as male.

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